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Our business was established in 1982.  After working for Daisy/Heddon/Bear for 15 years, Steve decided to start his own rep agency...Steve Chastain Co.

We are a family owned business with long term visions and planning.  Along with Steve Chastain (President) are his sons Hunter and Grant Chastain.  Before joining the ranks, Steve sent his sons out to gain experience and work for others in the retail industry.  This provided education and experience to the boys.  It also brought useful characteristics to Steve Chastain Co.

 Most of our manufacturers that we represent have been with Steve Chastain Co. for many years...several of them 25+ years.


We are affiliated with the following organizations:
  • NBS

  • Sports Inc.

  • World Wide

  • Wheatbelt

We are expected to bring our best recommendations, vast knowledge, and lowest cost; However, It doesn't stop there.  We are typically involved in the full life cycle of a and resources, supply chain, logistics/timing of delivery, monitoring and reporting, and end-of-season.

"People give you the appointments because they trust that you are bringing them the best recommendations."  (Also we provide coverage for numerous manufacturers within a given category... making it more efficient.)

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